the Principles of a premium brand

Design, Quality & Details

In everything we do, we believe that our clothes should be a natural extension of the individual.

The passion and entrepreneurship, upon which Nimbus' identity was founded, is the key element in our existence. It is a passion built on the initial idea of creating a more well-dressed future within the promotional business.

From the first product launch back in 1995 and till now, our focus has been on embracing the essence of Scandinavian design and style. Underlined by the high level of quality and fashionable details.


“We create premium corporate fashion made for everyday use under the terms; design, quality and details.”

Our focus


At Nimbus we continually aim to offer a collection of high-quality styles from leading materials. To us, an uncompromising quality is what it’s all about.


At Nimbus we always pioneer new ways of designing. Our designs are all re-imagined classic ready-to-wear products, with a clean and confident feel.


At Nimbus, we believe that details matter, and that details makes a difference. The little extra something you can´t put your finger on, is what it’s all about.

Roots in Scandinavian essentials

With inspiration from our Scandinavian heritage and our Copenhagen roots, we create timeless everyday wear.