Our most popular shirt worn around the world

We are zooming in on our everyday Oxford shirt Rochester.

The easiest choice you will make in the morning

There are certain clothing items that no one should be without, and the Rochester shirt is high on that list. It is an absolute must have in any wardrobe. People around the world finds it smart, casual or even formal depending on how it is worn.

Popular among people around the world

While trends come and go, there are certain essentials that seems to last forever, and this timeless piece of shirt is one of them. Since the launch of Rochester - the classic Oxford shirt has become a true signature style.

The timeless design in Oxford shirts has changed very little and it has never been as popular as it is today - which is why we at Nimbus are proud to state that our version of the Oxford shirt is popular among many people around the world.

From dressed to casual

Today, Rochester is the go-to-shirt we always trust. From dressed to casual, the Oxford shirt grants a smart, yet casual look for almost every daily occasion ranging from evening wear, summer looks to your daily business wardrobe.